A Level Sociology

Subject area
A Levels
2 Years
Type of course
Full Time

About the course

Are you interested in people and their behaviour? If the answer is 'Yes', then Sociology could be the right course for you. Sociology is the study of society and of people in groups in society. Sociology asks lots of questions about the relationships between groups of people within society and explores issues of power, roles, labelling, crime and inequality. These structures and relationships are often complex and invisible to the naked eye but nevertheless exist and affect us.

Sociology is a recognized and highly regarded qualification by many employers and universities and gives a good foundation into many careers and HE course options.

Why choose this course?

Sociology will appeal to students who are interested in understanding the influence of social groups in human behaviour. It is, essentially, the study of society and, as this implies, it encompasses a very wide range of topics and subject areas.

Sociology A Level is a well respected, recognised academic qualification which serves as a perfect foundation for many professions that involve working with people and having an understanding of the relationship between society and human behaviour. Professions in the fields of nursing, psychology, teaching, journalism, law, police force as well as many Higher Education institutions recommend that students have studied Sociology.

Subjects covered

A Level Sociology Subject Content

Education with Theory and Methods
• Education (Year One)
• Methods in Context (Year One & Two)
• Theory and Methods (Year One & Two)

Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
• Crime and Deviance (Year Two)
• Theory and Methods (Year One & Two)

Topics in Sociology
• Families & Households (Year One)
• Beliefs in Society (Year Two)

Resources Required
AQA A Level Sociology Book One including AS Level (2015) by Robb Webb, Hal Westergaard, Keith Trobe and Annie Townend

AQA A Level Sociology Book Two (2016) by Robb Webb, Hal Westergaard, Keith Trobe and Annie Townend

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grade A*-C, including English Language and Maths grade 4 or above.

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