A Level Philosophy

Subject area
A Levels
2 Years
Type of course
Full Time

About the course

This course will equip you with the skills you need to explore your own views about some of the very big questions about the world around us – What is truth? What is morally right and wrong? Is there a God? What is thought?

You will learn how to develop arguments which are logical and well-supported, as well as getting to grips with some of the greatest thinkers who ever lived.

Why should I choose this course?

If you enjoy really stretching your mind and concentrating in detail on complex arguments you will find Philosophy a rewarding and maybe even life-changing course. Philosophy students can apply their skills in many different areas of employment, from journalism and teaching to politics and law.

Subjects covered

AS Subject Content
Section A: Epistemology

Here you will study such diverse topics as perception and reality; the nature of knowledge and experience; reason and deduction and also consider what we might mean by the word ‘rational’

Section B: Moral philosophy
You will extend your learning by considering what great thinkers such as Aristotle and Kant argued about virtue, authority, evil, right and wrong, and morality.

A2 Subject Content
Section A: Metaphysics of God

Here you will study some of the arguments that have been made historically about the existence of God, critically evaluate religious language and consider the concept of destiny.

Section B: Metaphysics of the mind

In this section you will study the concept of the mind, where the mind resides, and the problem of other minds. You will look at issues affecting human autonomy and choice and the challenges posed by natural selection and evolution.

Assessment Pattern:
AS Level has one examination of 3 hours worth 100% of AS.
A Level has two examinations of 3 hours worth 100% of A Level.

There is no coursework.

This is a linear course where all A Level exams are taken at the end of year two.

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grade A*-C, including English Language and Maths grade 4 or above.

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