A Level Geography

Subject area
A Levels
2 Years
Type of course
Full Time

About the course

This subject will appeal to anyone who is interested in the world around them. Every day in the media, we hear news stories about the effects of climate change, whether there are too many people on the earth and events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These issues and other exciting topics are at the heart of this subject. A very wide range of resources are used to help students’ understanding of the topics covered such as films, internet video clips, photographs, maps, animations and news articles. Field trips are an essential component of most options and are undertaken within a day.

Subjects covered

AS Subject Content
Topic 1: Tectonic processes and hazards
Topic 2: Landscape systems, processes and change – Coastal landscapes
Topic 3: Globalisation
Topic 4: Shaping Places - Regeneration

A Level Subject Content
Topic 5: The water cycle and water insecurity
Topic 6: The carbon cycle and energy security
Topic 7: Superpowers
Topic 8: Global development and connections – Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

Independent Investigation

The student defines a question or issue for investigation. The topic may relate to any aspect of geography contained within the specification
The student’s investigation will incorporate fieldwork data (collected individually or as part of a group) and own research and/or secondary data.

Assessment pattern:

Paper 1
Content overview

● Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards
● Topic 2: Landscape Systems, Processes and Change – Coastal Landscapes and Change
● Area of study 3, Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
● Area of study 3, Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Paper 2
Content overview

● Topic 3: Globalisation
● Topic 4: Shaping Places – Regenerating Places
● Topic 7: Superpowers
● Topic 8: Global Development and Connections – Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

Paper 3
Content overview
The specification contains three synoptic themes within the compulsory content areas:
● Players
● Attitudes and actions
● Futures and uncertainties.

Coursework: Independent Investigation 20% of the qualification
Content overview
● The investigation report is internally assessed and externally moderated.
● The student will produce a written report of 3000–4000 words.

Resources required
AS & A2 Textbook: Edexcel AS/A level Geography ISBN 978 1 292 13960 9
Includes an e-book.
Both published by Pearson Education Limited.

On completion

Why should I choose this course?
Having an A Level in Geography is highly valued by universities, potential employers and it also enhances all the travel experiences you may undertake in the future. The course links very well with a number of other subjects, such as Biology and Business Studies. Geography is classified as a science A Level by Russell group universities and therefore naturally fits with other science subjects. However, since there is human geography featured as well, it can successfully accompany Sociology. The subject matter is stimulating and invites you to ask more questions about the world. Students who have studied this subject have had a range of exciting fieldwork trips to the Hampshire Coast, New Forest, East London and local locations such as Yateley Country Park.

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grade A*-C, including English Language and Maths grade 4 or above.