A Level Chemistry

Subject area
A Levels
2 Years
Type of course
Full Time

About the course

If you enjoyed Chemistry at GCSE, you will love the AS/A Level course. In the two years that will fly by, you will get a real in-depth knowledge of this fascinating subject, preparing you for Higher Education.

Chemists have greatly improved the quality of life for the majority of people. Chemists have, for example, developed drugs for previously untreatable diseases and continue to search to improve our quality of life - without burdening the environment.

The A Level course is underpinned by the practical skills that we call `how science works’. You will find out how chemists are real innovators, designing solutions to the problems that affect modern life.

Subjects Covered

AS Subject Content:
At AS you will study for 3 units:

Unit 1: Physical Chemistry: You will cover foundation subjects like atomic structure, amount of substance, bonding, , kinetics, thermodynamics and equilibria.

Unit 2: Inorganic Chemistry: You will study topics such as redox, group VII and II of the periodic table and periodicity.

Unit 3: Organic Chemistry: You will learn about functional groups- alkanes, alkenes, haloalkanes, and alcohols, and the analytical techniques of mass spectrometry and IR spectroscopy.

A Level Subject Content:

Year two is a continuation from AS level and follows a similar format:

Unit 4: Physical Chemistry: Looks in more depth at kinetics, equilibria, acids and bases, thermodynamics, periodicity and electrode potentials.

Unit 5: Inorganic Chemistry: Covers transition metals, reactions of inorganic compounds and period 3 compounds.

Unit 6: Organic Chemistry: Detailed look at carbonyl groups, aromatic chemistry, amines, amino acids and structure determination.

Assessment Pattern:

In year 1 the students are required to sit two exams and in year 2 there are three.

The practical units will be assessed in class and are graded as a pass/fail. There are 12 core practicals, which will have to be completed over the two years.

Resources required
Students will be required to purchase a textbook for both AS and A Level.


Students with a wide range of interests enjoy the Chemistry course. Chemistry is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in health and clinical professions, such as medicine, nursing, biochemistry, dentistry or forensic sciences.

Chemistry will also equip you for a career in industry, for example in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Many students progress into Higher Education.

Subjects that go well with Chemistry include Physics, Mathematics and Human Biology. Students can study a range of other subjects depending upon what career or higher education course that they wish to do in the future.

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grade A*-C, including English Language grade 4 or above, a BB in Core and Additional Science and 5 or above in Maths.

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