Amy's Experience

I decided to do this course because it’s a bit different to be a girl in this industry and I see this as an advantage when it comes to getting employment

Amy Taylor
Level 1 Carpentry

Anuj's Experience

I have played the guitar for six years now but before coming to the College I hadn’t had any technical experience. I decided that I needed to do this course if I want a chance of getting a job in the music industry

Anuj Rai
Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Music Previous

Connor's Experience

The College has been the best part of my life in education so far.

Connor Bishop
Sport and Exercise Sciences

Sophie's Experience

The best part of the course has been the practical side. You’re taught the theory and you put it in to practise pretty much straight away. It’s a great way to learn.

Sophie Mitchem-Lines

Daniel's Experience

I wanted something practical and to work with people, so I decided to do hairdressing.

Daniel Moore
NVQ Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing

Nicole's Experience

The last year has been a great experience. I’ve learnt a lot and developed new skills.

Nicole Keenan

Laxmi's Experience

The tutors have become like my friends and family – they give a lot of support and the help to improve my confidence. I have enjoyed the trips, making new friends and getting involved in enrichment activities like badminton and the Mall Race.

Laxmi Rai

George's Experience

I’ve enjoyed my 2 years at the College. I’ve found the course really interesting and everyone has been very helpful. The residential trips have been a great experience, especially Disneyland, Paris.

Travel and Tourism

Lianne's Experience

This course has given me the experience to know what I want to do in the future and the confidence to go and do it.

Lianne Pegg
Health and Social Care

John's Experience

I did brickwork at school and really liked it, so I decided to carry on at College. The facilities here are good and the tutors are brilliant. They really know their trade.

John McGrady

Kelly's Experience

I like coming to College because I do a lot of things. I like going to the gym. I’m a client for the Beauty Therapy students at the Concept Salon and I like having reflexology.

Kelly Knight
Focus on Life Skills

Natalie's Experience

I love coming to College, and I really look forward to my day here every week. You don’t often have time to ask questions while working in a professional kitchen, so I find the opportunity to talk to the tutors and ask for advice really helpful

Natalie Grosvenor
Apprentice: Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Professional Cookery

Ryan's Experience

I’m getting a lot of experience working on demolition projects in London, and when I complete my final practical exam I’ll be a fully qualified electrician.

Ryan Keyland
Apprentice, Electrical Installation

Rebecca's Experience

After completing my AS Levels at the 6th Form College, I decided I wanted a change from the school environment. A friend of mine who was already here recommended the course to me, and I really liked the ICT learning area when I came to an open day

Rebecca Ames
ND for IT Practitioners

Sam's Experience

There’s a real team spirit and everyone gets along including the tutors who are easy to talk to and help you out when you need it.

Sam Turton
Public Services

Shannon's Experience

I really enjoy coming in as it’s a change from work, you meet new people and you can exchange ideas with the other apprentices

Shannon Finlayson
Apprenticeship Hairdressing

William's Experience

I like the fact that the course is very practical, and you get to learn the basics of how engines work during your first year

William Wright
Level 1 Vehicle Maintenance