Joint Honours

Our fast-track degrees will bring you into an academic community where you will receive high levels of support and guidance as you study two subjects together. Our joint honours programme is small enough to be a personalised experience for your study, but big enough to feel part of something special.

The flexibilty of our subject combinations and the fast-track, two-year nature of the courses give you the chance to follow your own interests and get to the next stage of study or employment faster.

Fast-track Joint Honours Degrees

  • Your degree is made up of two subject areas from Criminology, English Literature, Psychology and Sociology.
  • You will graduate with both subject areas in your degree title.
  • The degree takes two years to complete, but is more intense than a conventional three-year programme.
  • You study at the same academic level as any other undergraduate student.
  • By studying for two years instead of three, degrees are more time and cost effective.

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