Fees and funding

Tuition Fees

There are no tuition fees to pay for full-time students, aged 16-18 on the 1st September before the start of their course. All the costs of tuition and examinations are paid for by the college from the money that it receives from the government.

For students over the age of 19 tuition fees are payable. For eligible adult students, the government subsidises the costs of tuition and examinations.  To find out more visit our section on Help with the Costs of Studying.

International Students
For students outside of the European Community, an overseas tuition fee will be payable. The fee currently for full-time further education is from £5,500

16-19 Bursaries

If you have a low household income or your household is dependent on state benefits you could be entitled to receive the following support:
  • Farnborough College Bursary Scheme - Students whose families receive benefits because of a low income can apply for this bursary to help towards their costs while studying. This bursary can include contribution towards the cost of travel, meals, uniforms, personal equipment and trips. The normal maximum bursary for any student, taking into account all of these payments, is £1,200 per College year.
  • Guaranteed Bursary Fund - The guaranteed bursary of up to £1,200 is available to young people aged 16-18 who are in care, care leaves, on income support, or receiving Universal Credit in place of Income support or disabled young people (in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment).

Financial Support


The college offers reduced price season tickets for all full time students travelling by bus or train. Season tickets for Stagecoach bus travel are available up to 30% cheaper and season tickets for South West Trains are 15% cheaper. Take a look at our Bus and Train Season Ticket Deals for full details.


The college refectory provides food throughout the day for all students at reasonable costs. At least one hot main course is provided each day at a cost of only £2.60.

If you are under 19 you may be eligible for free school meals. Click here to find out more.

Uniforms and Equipment

All essential equipment used at the college is provided free for students aged 16-18. Many students also purchase uniforms and equipment from their own use. The costs for uniforms and equipment are explained in the information provided for each course.


Childcare support is available under the Care to Learn scheme. The Care to Learn scheme can help with childcare costs while you study.You must be aged under 20 at the start of your course. More information about the Care to Learn scheme is available here.