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About the College

The College aims to provide the highest quality education and training for its students. This can only be achieved if students, particularly the younger ones, feel secure and supported and know that they are expected to work hard and that their performance is being monitored. In order to be successful, we need your help in maintaining contact with you throughout your son or daughter's time at College.

We were recently awarded ‘Outstanding’ in a recent Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) inspection. The results of the inspection were not surprising as the College has consistently out-performed in league tables over the past four years.

Principal Christine Slaymaker said “Ofsted described us as ‘Outstanding’ this stunning result is truly a testament to the dedication of staff, students and local employers who have all played their part in our success. We have demonstrated that as a College we believe in what we do and can deliver it to the highest standard.”

Christine added “The College is rightly recognised as being among the very best in the country – with only four other FE colleges in the whole south–east region achieving this accolade.”

The College was judged to be ‘Outstanding’ across all of its work:

• Effectiveness of provision  Outstanding 
• Capacity to improve  Outstanding    
• Achievement and standards Outstanding   
• Quality of provision   Outstanding    
• Leadership and management Outstanding

A safe environment

The safety of our students is of paramount importance to us. From student ID cards and emergency contact details to facilities maintenance and first aiders, there are many contributing factors to our safe and secure environment. Aside from these, there are other aspects that students need to be aware of in order to stay safe at College, such as the procedures for leaving College during the day, absence from College, safety on external trips etc. The College has a set of guidelines that are outlined on the College intranet, which your son or daughter will have access to once they have started their course. Please be assured that whatever course your son or daughter chooses to study, we will take all necessary steps to ensure they will be safe, secure and supported during their time with us at the College.

Choosing the right course

Going to College not only represents a challenge to the students, but to parents and guardians as well. As parents you have a large part to play in your son or daughter’s choices. Choosing the right course with them is a very important decision. The College offers a free information service to help you make the correct choice, simply call 01252 407040 for any help or advice you need.

Our School Liaison Advisor visits many year 10 and 11 pupils and attends career fairs and parents evenings to provide information about the range of post-school options available. Our Career Advisers and Information Team are always available to assist any students who feel they have made the wrong choice or need additional information. Our staff are always happy to discuss all options with students and/or their parents.

In the summer before their course starts, there will be an opportunity for students to attend a Summer College. These two or three days in July help prepare students for College. Once at College, all courses begin with an Induction Programme. The Summer School and Induction enable students to review other options at an early stage if required.

Our promise to you as parents and guardians

We believe that the best results for your son or daughter will be achieved if we work closely together; we treat students as mature individuals when they come to the College, but we will monitor their behaviour. This will be done via regular meetings and tutorials. Attendance is monitored and you will be notified if your son or daughter fails to attend classes, without prior notice.

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