University Centre Farnborough Building

UCF Building 2

Investing in your future

Our new University Centre Farnborough building will open in 2016, providing students with these great facilities:
  • Bright, open area for students to socialise in, work as groups, or use their laptops
  • Cafe serving drinks and snacks
  • Modern library
  • Quiet study environment
  • Seminar rooms for group work
  • social learning environment

Our students will be able to pop in for our latest publications and materials and to talk about course options.

Site and Design

The new building, the University Centre Farnborough, is designed as a flagship building that will be a significant step towards the College’s vision of a “Community University”. The college has been running University of Surrey degree courses for over 30 years but all students will benefit from this exciting new facility at whatever level they are studying.

UCF Building 4

Situated at the junction of Farnborough Road and Sycamore Road the building will be the main entrance into the college and contain the reception, a state of the art university standard library, large group and independent informal study areas, a café and a small number of rooms that can be used for meetings or other uses.

UCF Building 3

The building, designed by Nicholas Hare architects, is striking. If you look at the picture above you will see it is built of 2 triangular sections that rise gently towards the prow and have a connecting roof-light. Externally it is faced in a cream-coloured brick. Internally the building will be largely open plan, bright and airy.

Forthcoming Site Activity

During the first three weeks of the project we will secure the site with a hoarding, establish our site welfare; carry out site clearance and establish tree protection zones.

From mid-July we will be carrying out substructure works; reduced level dig, excavating and pouring mass concrete foundations, installing drainage and preparing the ground for the crane and mobile elevating work platforms for use during the super structure erection.

From September the building will start taking shape as we start to install the steel frame, cross laminated timber floors and insulated timber cassette panels which help form the external walls.

UCF Building 1
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